The finished product!

27 Aug


Day two of the MaxMin competition

27 Aug

After researching ideas the night before, the group met up the following afternoon. We presented what we found or came up with, and really began piecing together what we were going to do. The idea was brought up that we should use recycled materials, inspired from this website and concept:

With that concept in mind we continued bringing forth our ideas, specifically, the idea of having some sort of interactive area, whether that be a gallery or computer screens. This idea was brought up and considered:  Ultimately, we went with something else, something more interactive that passerby’s could enjoy.

With these ideas we began to focus on the ramp. After coming up with several designs, we agreed upon a spiral structure for the ramp. We created the structure with computer aided tools and with the help of photoshop it all started to come together.

Day One of the MaxMin competition!

27 Aug

As team members began meeting one another, we quickly made our introductions and got down to business. Our task was simple. Redesign the entrance to the architecture building, giving direct access to the second floor and more space for groups to meet one another out front, all while using the minimum materials to get the greatest outcome.

First things first, we decided to get a better look at the area we were going to be changing so we headed outside.

Taking a look for ourselves really helped imagine what we were going to create. We began to get a rough idea of what we were about to do.

The two agreed upon changes we came up with were to one, make the walkway coming from parking garage to be more interesting or interactive. This could include an art gallery or massive screens that showed news for the building. The other agreed upon change was to add a ramp that wound around the fire stairs to the second floor. The space where the main stairs enter into the building was left for a decision later on. We went home to research different materials and designs for project.